Prepare to embark on a "Musical Adventure in Time Travel"! On this journey, I will take you back to ancient Rome, ancient Greece, ancient Israel, ancient Egypt, ancient Mesopotamia & to hear once more, the healing, haunting refrains of the lyre of the ancient world...


In our bland, soulless, relentlessly manufactured 'musical' world, it is my musical mission to rekindle the spirit of our ancient ancestors - music is the only true magic left, with the ability to transport our minds in an instant, to ancient times, when magic was still perceived to be a part of the fabric of the Universe, when the fragility of life was truly appreciated and their was still the feeling of awe for our ancient gods. 

This website is dedicated to my relentless quest and life's passion, in my exploration and extensive research, dedicated to recreating the ancient magic of both the actual performance and playing techniques of the lyres of antiquity, as featured in my many independently released albums for solo lyre, available from all the major digital music stores...

Although several of my albums do include my arrangements for solo lyre, based on reconstructions of some of the incredibly rare, actual surviving written music of antiquity (examples of which have remarkably survived from both ancient Greece & ancient Mesopotamia), for the majority of my albums, I have been inspired to attempt to authentically recreate the sound of the mostly lost music of the ancient world, basing my musical evocations of the music of antiquity on archaeological research, composition in original ancient musical modes, the wonderfully pure just intonation of antiquity and through the experimentation, study and practice of ancient lyre playing techniques, inferred from both original ancient illustrations of lyre players, and the lyre playing techniques still practiced throughout the African continent since antiquity to the present day

In doing so, it is my goal to literally bring the very heart & soul of ancient music, back to life - reintroducing the beautiful lyre of antiquity as a divine artifact, back into our much less aesthetically beautiful modern world. It is also my ultimate goal, to create a legacy through my music, whereby the lyre could find a new, well deserved place in contemporary 21st century music, and way beyond... 

Prepare to embark with me now, on the ultimate "Musical Adventure in Time Travel", a unique and magical soundscape whose brand new musical genre could best be described as a "New Ancestral Music"...


"A Trip Through Time... 

THIS is what the ancient world sounded like. Tranquil, soothing, and hauntingly beautiful, Michael has once again used his musical instruments as time machines, bringing us back to a long lost age."

iTunes (USA) Review of "A Well Tuned Lyre - The Just Intonation of Antiquity" 


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